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Status of evacuation zones/ Support for sufferers

Evacuation zone, disaster-affected citizens support overview image


 With evacuation zones being set up as a result of nuclear accident, victims of the great earthquake and tsunami had to evacuate and many of them still have to continue a life in and out of the prefecture as evacuees.
(change of the number of evacuees: 164,865 (peak hour, May, 2012) --> 77,283 (March, 2017))
 In Fukushima, we carry out evacuated to for such a long term and smooth support, approach that accepted each situation including returned early to oldness.

  • Situation image of Areas to which evacuation orders have been issued

    Situation of evacuation zones
     As a result of the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi NPS nuclear accident occurred on March 11, 2011, many cities, towns and villages in Fukushima Prefecture have been designated as evacuation zones (areas in which the residents are not permitted to live, areas where it is expected that the residents have difficulties in returning for a long time, areas to which evacuation orders are ready to be lifted).
     In evacuation zones, when infrastructures and services such as electricity, gas, water and sewage, medical care, nursing-care, mail service have been restored, when decontamination work has progressed enough, evacuation order could be lifted after consultation with cities, towns and villages as well as residents.

  • Approach, information image of evacuees, disaster-affected citizens support

    Approaches and information regarding evacuees/victims
     In Fukushima, we perform grant or reporting project of temporary housing for people evacuated to in various places suffered from and perform approach for the life rebuilding.
     We place information from the Regional Development Bureau of the prefecture.

  • It is image (by the Disaster Relief Act) about grant period of temporary housing

    (is concerned with the Great East Japan Earthquake) about extension of grant period of temporary housing
     We take over, and temporary construction to affect the Great East Japan Earthquake is the detail about extension of grant period of house.

  • Approach, information image of evacuees, disaster-affected citizens support

    General assistance measures for return, the life rebuilding
     We show around assistance measures for return, the life rebuilding.

  • Public Housing for Revitalization image

    Public Housing for Revitalization
     In order to ensure that long-term evacuees of nuclear disaster lead a stable life, we are working on the construction and maintenance of public restoration housing as a base for community formation.

  • Reconstruction aid taxation system image

    Reconstruction aid taxation system
     Here we introduce the prefectural tax reduction policies, and special reconstruction zone after the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, as well as tax exemption based on the Act on Special Measure for the Rebirth of Fukushima.

  • Compensation for nuclear damage support image

    Nuclear Damage Compensation Facilitation
     In order to ensure prompt and proper compensation for damages caused by nuclear accident, we cooperate with cities, towns, villages and other organizations concerned to voice our demands and requests to the national government and TEPCO, as well as carrying out support activities such as compensation consultation with victims.

  • Image of Futaba future school Senior High School

    Futaba Mirai Gakuen high school
     A combined junior and senior high school newly established in April, 2015 for revitalization of Futaba County which suffered big damage in the Great East Japan Earthquake.

  • Image image of Odaka industry technology high school

    Odaka industry technology high school
     The April, 2017 opening of a school. We succeed tradition of Odaka commercial high school and both Odaka technical high school schools and aim for upbringing of human resources contributing to revival of innovation coast design and sosojihozentai.

  • Image of consultation support by NPO group

    Introducing NPOs that help sufferers
     We provide support to NPOs engaged in reconstruction aid and sufferer support both inside and outside the prefecture.

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